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Ready to book?

Check out the steps below on how to sucessfully book one of our clients. 
STEP ONE: Submitting the Offer 
Complete the offer form here. Return to the booking office in your territory.
  • Once the offer has been received, the booking office will input your offer and information into the booking system. Further questions may be asked regarding the offer. At this point in the process, the engagement is pending
STEP TWO: Accepting the Offer 
A formal offer will be sent to the Artist’s management on your behalf. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for any updates or feedback regarding the offer. 
  • If the offer has been confirmed, you will receive official confirmation from the booking office. At this point in the process the engagement is confirmed. After confirming any outstanding contract details, the booking office will issue the contract, Artist rider and respective W9s.  
STEP THREE: Paperwork and Deposit 
You must sign and return both documents. Deposit must be sent within 2 weeks after the offer has been confirmed and accepted.  
  • After the booking office has received the signed contract and rider, all paperwork will be sent to the Artist’s management. At this point in the process the engagement is fully executed

Not ready to book?

If you need more assistance before submitting an offer fill out our contact form below.

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